5 Air Con Tips For Your Car

Top Tips for Smooth Running Air Con

Whether it’s winter or summer, air conditioning is essential for a comfortable journey. The type of automobile you have, the various settings, and how well you maintain your air conditioning systems are all elements that might affect how your air conditioning works. Continue reading to learn about a few methods that can enhance the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

1. Keep Your Filter Clean

A clean filter is very important as it can be vital for a smooth running air con system. So when you get the chance, check your cabin air filter to make sure it’s clean. 

A clogged filter obstructs proper airflow. If you notice a lot of dirt gathered on them, it’s time to replace them. If you can replace the filter yourself, you can save money.   In newer cars, these filters are easy to check because they are accessible behind the glove compartment.

2. Turn Off Stop/Start

The stop/start feature is great for cars when it comes to saving fuel but when the engine shuts off it can keep the car air conditioning compressor from running. In very hot weather, you can begin to notice the lack of cool air very quickly. 

3. Recharge your Air Conditioning 

The coolant used by the air conditioning system, like the oil and other fluid in your car, has to be refreshed on a regular basis (known as a recharge or re-gas). To keep the coolant running efficiently, it must be drained, refilled, and essential components lubricated on a regular basis. Most manufacturers recommend recharging every two years, but check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to be sure.

4. Keep Up With Car Servicing 

To ensure that all necessary services are completed, it is critical to stick to the manufacturer’s service schedule. You can avoid any unexpected breakdowns by doing routine maintenance. At Hammonds our mechanics can recharge, replace, or repair any element, as well as leaking, and will provide you with advice on how to handle problems more effectively.

The following items are included in a general A/C check:

  • Temperature
  • The gas is being replaced
  • Examine for any signs of leaking or damage
  • The cabin filter also known as pollen filter is examined
  • Air-conditioning system sanitization due to any odder

5. Automatic Climate Control

If your air conditioner includes a climate control or automated feature, you may adjust the fans and temperature settings fast and easily to ensure that your car is at the proper temperature. Sensors are used by this clever component to determine what’s going on inside and make necessary modifications. So press the button and relax while it works its magic. Turn it on and forget it.

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